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Vital-Oxide Super Effective Green Cleaner, Disinfectant, Mold Remover and Odor Eliminator - Competitvely Priced.

Vital Oxide Green Disinfectant
Vital Oxide Green Disinfectant
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The smart ecological choice-- contains no ozone harming VOC's and is 100% biodegradable. A Hospital Grade disinfectant that combats super-bugs.


Ever had the urge to clean the seat table on the plane, bus or train? A handy 3 oz. spray bottle that's permitted through airport security allows you to clean and disinfect around airline seats, toilet seats and anywhere else where germs may lurk.


  Vital Oxide Kills Swine Flu bacteria - dead! Click to see PDF Version of this Press Release (Click to view article.)


The rise of H1N1 Swine, MRSA and other harmful bacterial infections, mold, food related illnesses, have intensified public attention of the cleanliness of where they live, work, travel and spend leisure time.


Vital Oxide includes components that dramatically decrease the size of it's particles to nano scale. This increases the ability of the active solution to spread on and to penetrate both hard and porous surfaces. This also makes it effective against airborne pathogens by reducing droplet size from sprayers and foggers.



Proven effective against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Norovirus, Legionella pneumophilia, E. coli and the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) in testing conducted by certified independent laboratories under GLP conditions submitted to the USEPA. Vital Oxide is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial that performs against a wide variety of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, fungi, spores, molds, mildews, and other microbes. It is effective at low concentrations, over a wide pH range.


What Makes Vital Oxide Different From Other Stabilized Chlorine Dioxides?




Vital Oxide is Shelf Stable and Ready to Use. No mixing required. Spray, wipe, or fog right from the bottle.

Vital Oxide is stabilized to retain over 98% of its strength for over one year under normal storage conditions. At the same time the stabilization is controlled to allow a rapid equilibrium between the "stabilized" and "free" chlorine dioxide. This means that the Vital Oxide total 2,000-ppm Chlorine Dioxide is available almost instantly as needed to destroy harmful microbial substances, and whatever is not used will be available in reserve for long-term residual activity.



Vital Oxide focus markets:


Athletic facilities

Corporate buildings


Government Facilities


Hospitality Industry 

Public Transportation

Restaurant Industry 




 Vital Oxide stands out among antimicrobial cleaners with a combination of extremely low toxicity, non-corrosive and long-term effectiveness. USEPA Registered (82972-1) as a "Broad Spectrum Disinfectant-Cleaner" that is neutral ph, non-corrosive, non-irritating to skin, and requires no special handling instructions on its label.


Vital Oxide formula includes components that emulsify common oily, greasy substances, readily penetrating surfaces coated with oily materials.


Vital Oxide is effective even diluted from its "general purpose" strength. To enhance this capability, a sequestering agent in the formulation prevents the deactivation of the surface-active agents in the formula where "hard" water is used for dilution. As little as 2 ppm will prevent bio-slime formation in drip irrigation lines.


Vital Oxide dilutions: Always follow the instructions on the label. As a general guide to assist in cost analysis, Vital Oxide may be used at full strength or in specific instances shown on the label it may be diluted 5:1 for floors and 12:1 for food area surfaces. Always fog at full strength.


Proportioners are available if required.


Vital Oxide is a highly effective odor remover that does not mask or cover up odors with a fragrance- it eliminates them on a molecular level.


Vital Oxide controls mold and kills bacteria by oxidizing it instead of bleaching it. It’s so mild, you can wash your hands in it, but it’s tough on mold anywhere you find it in your home or business. Use it in shower stalls, under sinks, in basements and crawl spaces--anywhere mold and bacteria is found. In recent tests, Vital Oxide kept mold from growing on ceiling tile for 7 months. This EPA registered product is colorless, odorless and will not harm water-safe fabrics. Simply spray, lightly scrub to remove stains, rinse with water, and re-spray for protection.

Vital Oxide produces no harmful by-products for the environment.


Available in 3 oz & 32 oz. spray bottles or 128 oz. pour bottle, 2.5 gallon & 5 gallon bag in a box and 30 gallon drum. (We can offer decanting / spillage protection and cleanup items, as required - just Contact Us.)


Shipping (weights exclude pallet weight):

3 oz ships 24/cs. - 40cs/pallet = 248 lbs.

32 oz ships 6/cs - 72cs/pallet = 1030 lbs.

128 oz ships 4/cs - 36 cs/pallet = 1278 lbs.

2.5 gal. ships 1/cs - 80/pallet = 1600 lbs.

5 gal. ships 1/cs - 32/pallet = 1280 lbs.

30 gal. drum 1/cs - 4/pallet = 2000 lbs.


Recent News

  • Vital Oxide listed on EPA approved MRSA list view pdf
  • Vital Oxide proves effective as carpet sanitizer see press release
  • In a recent study conducted by an internationally reputable lab, Vital Oxide proved effective at completely eliminating Murine Norovirus. Cruise ships are especially at risk in terms of Norovirus outbreaks and the CDC has issued guidance indicating that the murine surrogate is the best test for efficacy claims.


Product Materials:

Vital Oxide Info Sheet pdf                                                    Vital Oxide MSDS pdf


chose Vital-Oxide to protect against MRSA outbreaks in gyms and locker rooms.


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